Calc FLO Pro

Calc FLO Pro

calcRating: 4.5/5

OS: iOS7

The native Calculator app was recently redesigned for iOS 7, and now even includes a scientific mode when turned to landscape view. With more features, iOS users may wonder why they would ever need another calculator app.

Calc FLO Pro looks a lot like the native calculator app of iOS7, but its buttons are slightly smaller to provide a larger calculation screen. The app also features a memory button that is represented by the letter “M” in the lower corner of the screen. Tapping on this button saves answers to the memory for later. Users can then swipe left on the main screen to open the memory and then tap on a number to paste it.

When users need to enter a new expression or change a number, they can simply tap on undo last step or tap and hold to clear the expression. This makes entering equations and numbers a lot easier. Calc FLO Pro offers  9 different skins to change the look of the calculator. The skins range from dark and plain to bright and loud. This allows users to personalize the calculator if they desire.

Calc FLO Pro does offer a few viagra sans ordonnance more perks than the native app. it is recommend it for the iPad since it has no native iOS calculator.