Vintique cam

Vintique cam

vcName :Vintique cam
OS:  iOS 5.0 or later
Size: 24.5mb
Version:  1.0
Rating: 4.4/5


Turn your shots into sweet memories that you can share with friends and family.Users are able to turn video clips that are about 30 seconds long into montage-like mini movies, complete with a soundtrack. The first thing to do is add your movie. You can either take footage right from within the app using real-time filters and music, or import a video from you device’s camera roll.The video will be compressed into five frames per second to give a vintage video look to it. Filters add even more style to the mid-century home movie look.

If you shoot the video on the spot, just pick a filter and soundtrack and tap the “Play” button in the upper right of the screen. You will see the viewfinder in the main window at the center of the screen and the filtered version in the small window below.

There is no limit on recording, but the final cut will be shortened by about half. We are not sure what the formula is for this equation.

If you prefer to add effects to a video clip that already exists, you can do so by tapping the folder icon. This will bring up all videos that you currently have in your device’s camera roll. The app will only allow you to import clips that are 40 seconds long (15 seconds if you are using a device older than iPhone 5). If your video is too long, you will be able to shorten it with the editing tool before importing it.When editing tool used to shortened imported video the app crashed

After picking a filter, add a soundtrack. The app comes with five different sweet indie pop style songs (two of them have the word “ukulele” in the title). For an additional $0.99, you can buy five more songs. Again, there weren’t any songs that seemed so awesome that  felt  desirable to buy the Extra Music pack.