riName :Rithm
OS: iOS 6.0 later
Size:  15.7mb
Version: 0.9.3
Rating: 4.3/5

If you have ever wanted to send your friends a cute little singing telegram without the cost of an actual person doing the singing, then this app is for you.

The emphasis on the visual elements really catches  attention and looks great. The blurred album artwork for the songs that show up in  inbox also remind  bit of Rdio, In order to use Rithm, you’ll need an account.

it’s incredibly easy to open an account  if you use Facebook or Twitter, as you can just link those up with Rithm and your account is automatically made. This also makes it easy to find your friends, but Rithm can also fetch people from your address book as well. If you are not comfortable with either Facebook or Twitter, then there is also the manual account creation with email.

Once you’re in Rithm, you will find a rithm from the development team greeting you. Each message sent in Rithm will contain 30-second snippets of songs, so these are short and good for a smile or a laugh. As you can tell from the welcome message, each rithm will consist of several parts: the song, an animated emoji or picture (these can be imported by you), and a message. Pretty basic stuff, but the app does it in a way that is very fun and engaging.

To create your own rithm, tap on the CD button in the top right corner. Then search for the song you have in mind for your message, or you can select from the top charts. Rithm also has the ability to listen to your surroundings and identify any music that is already playing, like Shazam.

The recipients will receive this in their inbox if they have the app installed. However, you can also send your message to those not using the app yet by inviting them, as they will get a link to view your rithm. If you receive a message, you can quickly reply to it with a plain comment, or another rithm.

While you will probably be spending most of your time in the Inbox of Rithm, there are two other views, which are accessed by tapping on the button in the top left corner: Contacts and Settings. In Contacts, you are able to see all of the people that you have added, and you can add more by searching for usernames or going through your Facebook and Twitter friends. Once you add a contact, you will be able to quickly select their name to send them a song.

Rithm is a fun app for anyone who has wanted to send personalized songs as greetings to their friends and family.