sleeporaRating: 4/5

OS: iOS6 and above

When Sleepora is first opened, a message pops up with a list of instructions to help users complete the sleep program. The app suggests that users start with the eBook first. The eBook is loaded with six chapters and over 100 pages that feature information like how to form a healthy sleep habit, ways to feel more energetic, tips to stop racing thoughts and audio tracks to help users relax.

After users read through the eBook, the next step is to set outcomes and goals. This is completed by filling out a questionnaire. After that step is completed, users will then move on to creating their Sleepora plan. The plans include audio and exercises designed for insomnia relief and stress recovery. Users can pick a plan and even personalize it. Once the plan is saved, users will then receive exercise alerts. If an exercise is missed, the app provides users with the opportunity to go back and complete it later.

As progress is made, the app stores all the information in a tracker so users can see their progress in hopes of getting closer to their sleep goals. It continues to guide and help users for as long as they need, until they are finally achieving normal sleep patterns.