2013: Infected Wars

2013: Infected Wars

warRating: 4.2 out of 5

OS: iOS 6.0 or up

As the name suggests, 2013: Infected Wars is another zombie killing game where the objective is to save the world from the deadly virus and emerging zombies. You can choose one of the four character i.e Marine, Field Support, Sniper, and Sapper. Each of these characters excels at its own type of combat. The player has varieties of weapons to kill the end-less force of zombies in 3 different terrains i.e deserted subways, decrepit bridges and ruined towns. The game consists mostly of moving from area to area, battling all sorts of enemies, from the typical zombie creatures, to demon dogs, to towering behemoths.
The controls are quite simple, there’s a navigation circle on the lower left screen of the game and zoom & trigger button on the lower right screen. So now you can take a clean headshot of the freaking zombies. The graphics and soundtracks makes the game even better.

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