Agent dash

Agent dash

ad2Rating: 4.5/5

OS: Android 2.3 or up and iOS 5 or up

Genre: Action and Arcade

Agent Dash is another endless high speed runner game which will render you a feeling of controlling 007 Bond. The game has stunning graphics and sound tracks. However the objective being the same- Run dodging the obstacles and collect diamonds to get new update or power-ups from the store.
You have to take your agent- Mr. Incredible, through three obstacle filled terrains i.e snow field, jungle and English town. The controls are as similar as that of the game of this kind. You swipe right or left to change the direction, up for jump and down to slide beneath the hurdle. There’s also an option where you can control your agent by tilting you phone instead of swiping your fingre across the screen.
The game has additional feature like an Air-drop option which will cover the 70% of the first snow field level landing you directly on the entrance of enemy base. However, you have to spend 1000 or 1500 diamonds that you’ve collected from the levels to buy an Air-drop or other features like invisibleness, magnet, slow motion or a jet-pack. So, don’t miss the diamonds.

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