Amateur Surgeon 3

Amateur Surgeon 3

as1Rating: 4.3 out of 5,

OS: Android 2.3 or up and iOS 6 or up,

Category: Simulation

Amateur Surgeon 3 is causal surgery game where you play as a surgeon who uses the wicked methods to treat its patient. You’ll be using pizza cutters, chainsaws, car batteries, and blowtorches instead of typical medical tools to cure the maladies of the patients properly.

In the game you do crazy thing which you would have never imagined like stapling the Wounds with stapler, cauterized with a lighter, and then applying the healing gel. whereas, the broken bones will be removed with chainsaws and infesting bugs will be shocked to death. But remember, these has to be done as quickly as possible to increase the combo meter which in-turn gets you more points. Also forget not to mind your limited life-line.
The points earned during the game can be used to get upgrades.

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