Carnage Racing

Carnage Racing

craceRating: 4.6 out of 5

OS: iOS 6.0 or up

If you have ever dreamt of a race with a car packed with rockets and machine guns, then your dream has certainly come true in Carnage Racing. Carnage racing is an action filled 3D car racing game where a player contorls the car in a thriling race with an objective of becoming No. 1 by destroying the enemy cars and dodging their attacks. In the beginning of the game, the player gets an option of choosing a car out of two and can customize the same as per his/her desire.
The game has 21 races set across 3 tropical island race tracks, each of which is packed with ramps, boosts, pick-ups and is full of blending racing, strategy, combat and stunt driving. There are so many weapon boxs to pick up and fire on the run.
The player can accelerate the car by simply tapping the paddle image shown on the screen and can control the car by tilting the device. The graphics and sound tracks are

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