Marble legend

Marble legend

mlRating: 4.3/5

OS: Android 1.6 or up

Genre: Brain & Puzzle

Marble Legend is a Zuma style causal puzzle game in an old treasure hunt themed background. Your objective in the game is to shoot the colored balls, match them and earn points before they into the mouth of a Devil’s statue. However, you can also tap the transmitter to swap the current and next three balls. It might sound easy, but believe me its equally tuff to master.
The game has 2 modes i.e Adventure and Challenge mode. The advnture mode has got 6 secret scenes whereas the other mode has different challenges to win. You can boost up your zuma score by using the power-ups like bomb, arrows and hitting the combos.
The graphics and sounds renders a feeling of expolring an ancient treasure and the gameplay is equally interesting and enagging.

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