Minion rush

Minion rush

mrRating: 4.7/5

OS: iOS 5 or up and Android 2.3 or up

If you have watched and enjoyed the animated movie- Despicable Me then you certainly gonna enjoy this game which is based on cute & funny little minions and other characters of the movie. This game is an endless runner where you play as one of the minions, who keeps running while collecting bananas and power-ups and also dodging the obstacles. These obstacles can be parried by sidestepping, jumping over, or ducking under. At times, you also go through water slides and flies where you’ll be needed to tilt your phone to control the direction of your minion.
The game has 4 entertaining locations i.e Gru’s lab, Residential, El Macho’s Lair and minion beach. However, these locations only gets unlocked by defeating the baddies like Victor, Meena and El Macho. Also, clearing every boss fight fetches you 10 G-coins which can be utilised to unlock levels and power-ups. You can also buy your minion fancy dresses and stuffs. These G-coins can also be collected by compeleting 25 challenges.
The graphics and sound tracks of the game are as impressive and entertaining as the movie. Beautifully designed levels and the game-play will surely win your attention.

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