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Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga

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Rating: 4.4/5

OS: Android 2.2 and up

Genre: Casual & Puzzle

players must clear colored blocks in order to drop pets to the bottom of the screen and save them from the evil Snatchers. Complete certain objectives and gain stars in order to progress to the next level. Things start out simply with plenty of room for error. In keeping with Candy Crush Saga‘s style, extra blocks aren’t added, meaning players must plan each move carefully. The margin for error reduces steadily as players progress through the 72 levels.

Objectives include things such as clearing a certain percentage of blocks to saving a set number of pets. It’s simple stuff, but it’s not always straight-forward to complete. It’s far from an original game, but Pet Rescue Saga still whiles away time quite nicely.

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