Stars savior

Stars savior

ss3Rating: 4.4/5

OS: iOS 4.3 or up

Genre: Casual

Stars Savior is an entertaining gravity-based physics platformer where players have to go forward orbiting the planets to collect power for saving the dying sun. You play as “GraviTony” a fuzzy-looking spcae booster with an bjective of traveling through multiple galaxies towards the sun. It takes no time to learn the game but its difficult to master.
Simple one tap allows your roundy little booster to be manipulated by gravitational pulls of the planet. So you can either tap to rotate around the planet or let your fuzzy space traveller go flying through space unaffected by planetary pulls. Theres just one rule to the game and thats “Just keep going really fast”. If you don’t make it to the center of a solar system fast, the sun dies and explode resulting in a game over.
There many obstacles you to overcome like materoid coming in your way. The graphics and sound are good and a macth to the theme.

Download link for iOS: