Tech Deck Skateboarding

Tech Deck Skateboarding

tdsRating: 4.6 out of 5

OS: Andorid 2.3 or up and iOS 6.0 or up

Tech Deck is an extreme skateboarding sports game which has variety of stunning locations to play the trick. You control a character to execute the requested action at the right moment. Doing it too early or too late will end up the round. So, timing plays an important role here. Every level has various stunts and three chances to perform. The energy bar on the top of the screen indicates the health of the player.
The task gets harder as you clear up the initial levels. Stunts like dodging the objects, grinding rails, pulling off sick combinations can be done simply by tapping or swiping the screen. However, flipping the board is really tuff to emulate on a touch screen.
You’ll find a quite descent graphics & animations work in the game.

Download link for iOS:

Download link for Android: