Temple run 2

Temple run 2

trRating: 4.8/5

OS: iOS 4.3 or up and Android 2.1 or up

Temple Run 2 is a much-anticipated sequel of temple run. It is an action and thriller packed endless runner game where the objective is as similar as it was before; run for survival. You start the game as “Guy Dangerous”, running for surviving the deadly pursuit of the black beast while dodging various obstacles and collecting gold coins. These gold can be redeemed to get power-ups and unlocking different characters.
The game is fully packed with obstacles which you can dodge by either sliding beneath them or jumping over them or also by tiling the phone to the opposite side of it. At times, you’ll also be needed to slide from one end of the floating island to the other end through a rope. This can perform by swiping and tilting the screen. There’s a new zipline sections where players jump to ride them, and can tilt to swing to a side avoiding the derailed tracks and walls.
Aside the obstacles, you get many power-ups like shield, magnet, gems stone and doubling the coins. The collected coins charges up an ability that can be unleashed by double-tapping on the screen which eventually activate a powerup like a shield or magnet can be deployed instantly whenever the bar fills up.

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