Why do we research Apps

The average smartphone today contains 41 apps. From 750,000 apps on the Apple App Store, some 60 percent (450,000) have never been downloaded once, and, of those titles that consumers do try, one in four apps will be abandoned after its first use. The industry will continue to see more apps releases by the day.

The key reason of our existence is to help Consumers to see thru the clutter and help guide them where to spend their downloading energies and money.

What does our research involve

We follow ‘Analysis by segregation’ research approach. This framework is key to the research since both apps and games are made in pieces and then stitched together. Our in-depth analysis helps us to segregate the elements which make any app or a game interesting to use.

This ‘portion analysis’ helps us understand what triggers the consumer to get hooked on to a particular app or a game.

In last 24 months our research team has researched more than 20,000 games and 10,000 apps across various mobile app stores trying to make sense out of them.

We publish the research for both Consumers and Developers making a win-win for both, capturing key elements where developers can improve and consumers can get better products.

What apps do we develop

With the amount of research hours we put-in, it really helps us to see thru the gaps in the development work by all in the ecosystem.

We know and understand the apps and app stores inside out, but love only iOS and Android and work on developing exclusive apps with exclusive customer experience.

We work closely with Telcos and Device OEMs to help achieve their business objectives driving Mobile Internet story and Brand loyalty with our high quality and engaging apps.

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